Lao Family Community Development, with Sea Cadets, Launches Youth Leadership Program in Sacramento

Lao Family Community Development (LFCD), in collabortion with the Sacramento Division of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC), is launching a Youth Leadership Program at LFCD’s new five-acre CARE Community Center Campus.

This program will focus on youth leadership, education, career and industry exploration; it will operate one weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday) for the remainder of 2022. The cadet program will open on Saturday 2/19/2022 at 3205 Hurley Way in the Arden Arcade neighborhood of Sacramento.

There are approximately 400 units in the nation and this unit is routinely ranked among the top five units in terms of retention and success.

As part of their community service component, the youth will participate in design and management of community garden rebuilding, along with related sheds, pergolas, signage; plus, community outreach weekend events with the LFCD Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (Youth, Crime Victims, Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention, and Refugee Employment Units).

The USNSCC is a national youth leadership development organization that promotes interest and skill in naval disciplines while instilling strong moral character and life skills through leadership and technical programs modeled after the Navy’s professional development system.

For more information regarding this youth program contact Cortney Kelleher or her Commanding Officer Donald Herkel at (916) 792-7346.

LFCD concentrates on five core service areas: 1) adult education and vocational training, 2) youth education, leadership, and employment, 3) financial coaching/asset development, 4) work supports and health access, and 5) affordable housing and home ownership development.

For more information go to the LFCD Website or the LFCD’s Facebook Page.