Alan Snel Rides Across the U.S. and Delivers his Message Through Book, ‘Bicycle Man’

Alan Snel is an author and editor who fights for the rights of bicycle enthusiasts. His latest adventure is the book Bicycle Man, in which he documents his adventures across the U.S. on his two wheels.

Q: What was your favorite aspect of your book?

AS: Bicycle Man is a collection of bicycle travel stories and funny experiences about life on the road via two wheels all across the USA. Once I figured out how to organize the short bicycle stories by topic, the book crystallized when the pandemic began. People love reading the book because they feel as if they’re going along for the bike ride and meeting the colorful characters along the way.

Q: How important is it to be social with people today, in your opinion?

AS: It’s important to connect with people about their ideas and to get feedback about issues and on stories published on

Q: Do you think your adventures have helped influence the way people regard bicyclists?

AS: I hope the adventures show readers that bicyclists are actually just everyday people who happen to be using a bicycle for their transportation. And in doing so, people on a bicycle can experience the world in a much different way that connects the smallest details of everyday living with them.

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Q: How is your great online publication LV Sportsbiz?

AS: started in early June 2017 with the launch of the NHL expansion Vegas Golden Knights, then picked up steam with the NFL Raiders’ new stadium that was under construction and eventually open. Las Vegas has become a magnet for major league sports. There’s always a major proposal, development deal or stadium/arena plan being floated. People look at sports as part of the Las Vegas entertainment and tourism industry, so every LVSportsBiz story has to be written through the prism of business, marketing, sales, revenues or development. There are lots of people talking/writing/schmoozing about the play on the field. has become the one-stop place where people locally here in Llas Vegas and across the country can turn to regarding the latest development of a sports event, venue, team or league in this market.

Q: What is the future of sports — and entertainment — in Las Vegas?

AS: Las Vegas is a very hot market. A partnership between the Las Vegas public tourism agency and Formula One was just approved for a F1 race down the Strip for three years starting in 2023. The NBA, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball are all looking at Las Vegas as a potential home because even though Las Vegas ranks 27th in market size with 2.3 million people and growing, the market attracts more than 40 million visitors a year. That 40M is just too big a number to ignore for sports developers.

Q: Where can people buy your book?

AS: Buy the book straight from me by emailing me at The book is 20 bucks and I will mail it right to you.

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