Astronaut Winston Scott Encourages Young People to Reach for the Stars

Astronaut Winston Scott has enjoyed a remarkable career. He’s a retired US Navy captain, a real “Top Gun” pilot, in fact. And he says today chances are better than ever for people to reach the stars and achieve their dreams.

During his time as a NASA astronaut, Captain Scott served as a mission specialist on Shuttle Endeavor during mission number STS-72 in 1996, and Columbia during mission number STS-87 in 1997. He’s also a great musician!

Today, Captain Scott is professor emeritus at Florida Institute of Technology, and he is in touch with the young generation. And he’s still flying high — in his Piper Saratoga with his family, including his young granddaughter.

Captain Scott guested on The IntraView and tells people that today, opportunities are abundant to aim for the stars and achieve your dreams.

On The IntraView, Captain Scott also discusses militarization in space, space tourism and the “space race.”

Listen to Astronaut Winston Scott here.

“It’s absolutely possible for young people to achieve their dreams no matter what those dreams are,” Captain Scott said on The IntraView. “The odds are much better today. That’s the beauty of America, that this country still offers an opportunity for anybody to achieve anything, it is possible. We have more men, more women, more minorities and people of all persuasions arriving to more accomplishments in all areas.”

Listen to Astronaut Winston Scott here: